CLEAN LUNGS™ is a 100% pure & natural herbal dietary supplement. 
It is a High Power anti-oxidant made from a plant grown in the valleys of South America.

Kocha WIra has a long history of legendary healing properties among the peoples of the region.

Optimal effectiveness has been shown after 12 to 14 weeks of continuous uninterrupted use.

When taken as directed it works gradually over time and should be taken as part of an on-going healthy regimen.

· Promote increased blood flow to the lungs
· Help increase stamina, immunity, and performance
· Gain strength during cold season by making lungs healthier
· Encourages healthy blood pressure
· Great for Smokers and those with Asthma and other lung conditions
CLEAN LUNGS™ is meant to cleanse the lungs of people who suffer from lung sickness especially smokers, but also those with occupations that can harm the lungs.

Its purpose is to cleanse, not cure cases such as emphysema or bronchitis. It helps alleviate asthma and anyone with respiratory problems. After three months of taking CLEAR LUNGS™ one should notice an improvement in their lung health.